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How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

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There is so much of a ‘black market’ for designer goods these days and just one of the many brands that seem to have been hit by a surge of fakes is Ugg – one of the most desirable brands of boot in the world.  Online auction sites seem to be the worst possible places to buy designer goods with there being no real way of assuring whether or not the goods you are receiving are genuine, but there are a few things that you can keep your eyes peeled for if you’re in the market for a new pair of winter boots. Fakes are getting increasingly more realistic but there are still major differences you can use to help you tell the difference.  Take a peek at how to spot fake Ugg boots:  1 – Check for Ugg security measures As of autumn 2010, Ugg Australia has been forced to increase their security features in a bid to fight back against the war on counterfeit goods. Just one of these is a holographic sun which either appears on the foil strip on a label behind the materials, on a sewn-in size tag on the left boot or on the left boot’s sole.  When you move the foil holographic sun, it changes from black to white. If your boots do not have this, its either a pair of fake Ugg boots or you have a pre-2010 pair of boots.  Very recently, Ugg Australia added even further security features to their designs, sewing a label with a QR code into the left shoe. When you scan the QR code with your phone, it takes you to an Ugg website page which verifies the authenticity of the boots.  2 – Check “made in” labels If your Ugg boots say that they are made in either New Zealand or Australia, they’re fakes. Ugg boots are actually made in China by one corporation – Deckers Outdoor Corporation.  3 – Check the fur  If your Ugg boots have fur, give it a good firm yet gentle rub. If the fur comes out, it’s probably a fake. The fur used in Ugg boots is of very good, high quality and doesn’t easily come away from the boot.  You should also look at the colour of the fur – Ugg boots have a creamy / off-white fur and it’s very soft to touch. With fake Ugg boots, the fur can be any colour and to touch, it feels more plastic and synthetically made.  4 – Check the quality all over Not just checking the quality of the fur, check the quality of the whole package. Look at the Ugg labels on the exterior of the boot. Are the stitches shoddy and not in a straight line? Your boots are probably a fake. With genuine Ugg boots, the stitches are in a perfectly straight line and all labels are straightly sewn on and with straight lines.  It is hard work trying to work out whether something is fake just by looking online, but by asking more questions or requesting more photographs, you can start to get a better idea of whether or not the Ugg boots you are looking at are fake or not. For example, Ugg boots only come with an Ugg bag if you buy...

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4 ‘Get Well’ Gifts for Someone Recovering from a Car Accident

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If a close friend or relative is laid up in bed after a car accident, you probably want to send a gift. When people are recovering and on heavy pain medication, many of the common get well gifts such as boxes of chocolates or books can be impractical. Here are some options that your close friends and family could appreciate. Audio books Sending a book, or subscription to a audio book service, can be a great way for your loved one to pass the long hours in a hospital bed. While physical books can be tricky to follow on heavy medication, audio books can be easier for people to doze through if not feeling their best. Flower delivery If your friend isn’t quite up to visitors, a flower delivery is a lovely way of letting them know that you are thinking of them and can offer some brightening up to a sterile hospital room. Flowers also have a pleasant, natural scent which can help the room smell less medicinal and help your friend to feel a little more at home. Balloons can also be incorporated into the floral arrangement for an extra pop of colour and shine. Consider arranging a semi-regular service if they are likely to be in the hospital for a while as many long term patients experience and influx of gifts and visitors initially, which tails off over the duration of the stay. Consult with resources like Flowers Of Paradise to learn about your options. Bath products and hand creams People who have had bad injuries often get very itchy skin during the healing process. The strong air conditioning and harsh soaps provided can combined to create irritated skin, so loofahs and mild shower creams with moisturising creams can be a very appreciated gift. Look for scent-free options to offer the gentlest and least irritating choices, and avoid bar soaps, which can be harder to use for people who are shaky or unsteady on their feet and prone to dropping items. Fresh fruit baskets Hospital food tends to be bland. Fresh fruit can be a good way to offer healthy, tasty and easy-to-eat snacks to supplement the hospital meals. Bed bound patients often need to limit calories to prevent weight gain while on bed rest, which can complicate later rehabilitation. By reminding your friend that they are loved during their recovery, you will be help them get back on their feet sooner and stay positive during the long journey back to...

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The Top Features That All Gun Safes Should Have

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Are you looking to buy a gun safe, like those at Wholesale Racking Australia T/As Office City, but are not sure about the top features that one must have? In order to make an informed buying decision, you should first of all become familiar about the desirable features of gun safes. By making sure the top security features are present, you will be able to identify a top quality gun safe. Here are a few of the more desirable gun safe features that you should look out for: Thick Composite Doors With Internal Hinges It is advantageous to get a gun safe with a door that is made from a sheet of steel that is an inch to an inch and a half thick. The thick edges of the composite door make prying them open next to impossible. Also the contents of the safe are protected from fires because the heat of the fire will have a hard time making an impact through the thickness of the door. The composite doors should be insulated on both the inside and outside. This will help keep a stable temperature within the safe. That in turn will aid in prolonging the lifetime of the guns, and any other items within the safe. Finally, the doors should have internal hinges that cannot be accessed from the outside. For any door, the hinges are a potential weak point no matter how sophisticated they are. A safe with internal hinges on the other hand removes this potential weak point altogether. Fingerprint Access A gun safe with fingerprint access is desirable because it does not require you to remember a password that you might forget. Also if you need the gun safe opened quickly during emergencies then a fingerprint locking mechanism is beneficial because of how quickly they can provide access. Additionally, with fingerprint access only the authorised individuals can access the safe. On the other hand, if a password system was used then anyone with a password can gain entry. Relockers Relockers are devices on the inside of the door that are spring loaded. They have a mechanism that automatically locks the safe from the inside if the locking mechanism is being tampered with in any way. For example, if someone tries to torch the lock, or knock the backplate off then the relockers will spring into action. It is a great safety feature that work effectively against those trying to break into the gun...

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Tips for Buying a Point of Sale System

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A point of sale system (POS) is an important device for any serious business entity. A point of sale system refers to a system used to process payments for goods and services in a store, shop, and restaurant and so on. Without a point of sale system, it would be difficult to charge clients for their meals in a restaurant for example. Because there are quite a number of points of sales systems available in the market, it may not be very easy to choose the best of these for your specific business needs. The article below provides a few tips to remember when shopping for a point of sale system. Consider the Availability of POS Spare Parts When shopping for point of sale systems, it is important to remember that the system is bound to suffer wear and tear after an extended period of use. When this happens, you will either have to repair the point of sale system or replace it with a new one. Repairs to point of sale systems are more affordable than replacement and they solve the problem just a swell. However, in order to undertake repairs on the POS system, you need to have the relevant spare parts. If these parts are unavailable for one reason or the other, your point of sale system will be temporarily out of service.  Choosing a point of sale system whose spare parts are readily available will help to prevent future downtime due to unavailability of spare parts. Consider the Level of Support Another important factor to consider when choosing between different points of sale systems is the level of support that accompanies the POS. Thanks to the kind of technology available today, a large number of points of sale systems come with a built-in support system. If all other factors are kept constant, one such point of sale system would be the best for your business. Older points of sale systems have a support hotline that business owners can use to get help whenever in distress. It would be important to confirm that this hotline is operational and it remains operational during business hours. Additional Features In conclusion, you should look for a point of sale system that allows for integration of the system with other software applications such as social media plug-ins and e-commerce software. Similarly, you should look to invest in point of sale equipment that supports credit card processing in addition to cash...

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