Deceased Estates Clearance Tips

Deceased estate clearance can be challenging for people who have lost their loved ones. In most cases, they wonder how to dispose of items owned by the deceased. If you are in this situation, read this article for some deceased estate clearance tips. 

Establish Your Loved One's Wishes

Many people have specific wishes regarding how they would want their items disposed of once they die. For instance, it could be a written document such as a will or verbal instructions to close family. As a best practice, you should ask close family and the deceased's estate lawyer about their final wishes. For instance, they might have wanted their book collection passed on to their grandchildren or their classic car passed on to one of their children. You risk legal action if you do not comply with the deceased's wishes. It is especially so if they had a written will. 

Consider Close Family When Dealing With Sentimental Items

The deceased's estate will have sentimental items such as family heirlooms, jewellery, paintings, rugs, photo albums, diaries and books. Consider close family when disposing of these items if this is the case. It is a sure way to help them hold on to the memories of their loved one. Moreover, they could use these items to inform future generations about the deceased. 

Consider Charitable Donations

Did your loved one enjoy donating to charity? If they did, you could donate some of their items to their favourite charities. For instance, some charities allow you to donate cars that they sell at their annual fundraisers at a significant profit. On the other hand, some charities accept books, artwork, clothing or jewellery. As a rule, you must assess the charity's operations to determine if they are a right fit. For instance, check the competence of the charity's board of directors and whether it incorporates transparency and accountability in its operations. 

Hold An Estate Sale 

An estate sale is one of the easiest ways to dispose of your loved one's belongings and raise some money. However, you must be creative when holding an estate sale. For instance, you should hold it during a weekend or holiday when most people are at home. Moreover, advertise the sale using word of mouth and local advertising channels to ensure many people attend the sale. You must also prepare and stage the items for sale. For instance, you should clean and refurbish the items to make them appealing to the clients. Set reasonable price points to ensure you sell as many items as possible. 

For more information on deceased estates clearance, contact a professional near you.