The Top Features That All Gun Safes Should Have

Are you looking to buy a gun safe, like those at Wholesale Racking Australia T/As Office City, but are not sure about the top features that one must have? In order to make an informed buying decision, you should first of all become familiar about the desirable features of gun safes. By making sure the top security features are present, you will be able to identify a top quality gun safe. Here are a few of the more desirable gun safe features that you should look out for:

Thick Composite Doors With Internal Hinges

It is advantageous to get a gun safe with a door that is made from a sheet of steel that is an inch to an inch and a half thick. The thick edges of the composite door make prying them open next to impossible. Also the contents of the safe are protected from fires because the heat of the fire will have a hard time making an impact through the thickness of the door.

The composite doors should be insulated on both the inside and outside. This will help keep a stable temperature within the safe. That in turn will aid in prolonging the lifetime of the guns, and any other items within the safe.

Finally, the doors should have internal hinges that cannot be accessed from the outside. For any door, the hinges are a potential weak point no matter how sophisticated they are. A safe with internal hinges on the other hand removes this potential weak point altogether.

Fingerprint Access

A gun safe with fingerprint access is desirable because it does not require you to remember a password that you might forget. Also if you need the gun safe opened quickly during emergencies then a fingerprint locking mechanism is beneficial because of how quickly they can provide access. Additionally, with fingerprint access only the authorised individuals can access the safe. On the other hand, if a password system was used then anyone with a password can gain entry.


Relockers are devices on the inside of the door that are spring loaded. They have a mechanism that automatically locks the safe from the inside if the locking mechanism is being tampered with in any way. For example, if someone tries to torch the lock, or knock the backplate off then the relockers will spring into action. It is a great safety feature that work effectively against those trying to break into the gun safe.