4 ‘Get Well’ Gifts for Someone Recovering from a Car Accident

If a close friend or relative is laid up in bed after a car accident, you probably want to send a gift. When people are recovering and on heavy pain medication, many of the common get well gifts such as boxes of chocolates or books can be impractical. Here are some options that your close friends and family could appreciate.

Audio books

Sending a book, or subscription to a audio book service, can be a great way for your loved one to pass the long hours in a hospital bed. While physical books can be tricky to follow on heavy medication, audio books can be easier for people to doze through if not feeling their best.

Flower delivery

If your friend isn't quite up to visitors, a flower delivery is a lovely way of letting them know that you are thinking of them and can offer some brightening up to a sterile hospital room. Flowers also have a pleasant, natural scent which can help the room smell less medicinal and help your friend to feel a little more at home.

Balloons can also be incorporated into the floral arrangement for an extra pop of colour and shine. Consider arranging a semi-regular service if they are likely to be in the hospital for a while as many long term patients experience and influx of gifts and visitors initially, which tails off over the duration of the stay. Consult with resources like Flowers Of Paradise to learn about your options.

Bath products and hand creams

People who have had bad injuries often get very itchy skin during the healing process. The strong air conditioning and harsh soaps provided can combined to create irritated skin, so loofahs and mild shower creams with moisturising creams can be a very appreciated gift. Look for scent-free options to offer the gentlest and least irritating choices, and avoid bar soaps, which can be harder to use for people who are shaky or unsteady on their feet and prone to dropping items.

Fresh fruit baskets

Hospital food tends to be bland. Fresh fruit can be a good way to offer healthy, tasty and easy-to-eat snacks to supplement the hospital meals. Bed bound patients often need to limit calories to prevent weight gain while on bed rest, which can complicate later rehabilitation.

By reminding your friend that they are loved during their recovery, you will be help them get back on their feet sooner and stay positive during the long journey back to health.